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Jan. 24, 2012

2009-10 New York Whitetail Classic

2011-12 NY Whitetail Classic Wraps Up
Big Buck Contest Winners Announced

Another hunting season has passed and the New York Whitetail Classicís 2011 Big Buck Contest comes to an end. This past summer the decision was made to cancel this yearís contest. As soon as hunters found out the Classicís Contest was coming to an end, many hunters voiced their concern and desire for the contest to continue. Their displeasure and chatter helped change my mind at the last minute. Since I had no prizes to offer, no t-shirts to sell and a late starting date, the rules and everything associated with the contest had to change. The Big Buck Contest has become what it was really about, a Big Buck Recognition Program. We had close to 200 people enter the contest this year and with no advertising I was pleasantly surprised by the high number. It is a comfort to know how much hunters, from our area and beyond, enjoy the friendly competition among fellow hunters. It proves to me it is not always about how big the prizes are or what it is in it for ME. Over the years, The Classic has developed a core group of hunters, mostly from our area, that are great representatives for our sport. They are compassionate, respectful and hold many other personal qualities that make them a pleasure to interact with. It has been my pleasure to meet so many people that have the same passion for our sport.
Next year we hope to be holding a more centralized contest, broken down into two zones, Northern-Zone and Southern-Zone. The New York Whitetail Classic Web-Site, www.nywhitetailclassic.com , will be re-designed with links to help keep us all informed about the contestís results state-wide. More importantly it will be a sounding board to voice concerns/issues/developments with-in our state and country that may affect us as hunters and sportsmen. We are in the developmental stages and ideas are appreciated. We hope to have things in place before September. Keep up with developments by visiting our web-site or www.adkhunter.com .
Even though we have seen and heard of a number of exceptional bucks being taken this past season. The scoring session held at the Waterhouse Restaurant on January 7th gave us a good indication as to how many deer were actually taken. This was one of those years where the biggest deer taken in our area were not in the contest. Along with the fact that we have had a really lot of huge deer win the contest over the years, many of the guys attending, just didnít think they had a chance and never had their deer scored and entered. We had a lot of familiar faces attend the session to visit with friends and acquaintances theyíve made through the years. This annual event is the only opportunity for some of these guys paths to cross. Trying to catch up on each others activities over the past year can eat up an entire afternoon and leaves many wishing for more time.
The results are in and thankfully we have prizes(donated by our sponsors) and certificates for our winners.
By Gun:
  • 1st Place-Tim Fowler-Saratoga County
  • 2nd Place-Brian Aiken-Warren County
  • 3rd Place-Alex Lempka-Orange County
By Bow:
  • Jesse Durling-Washington County
By Muzzleloader:
  • Farley Churton-Dutchess County
By a Woman:
  • Kim Sutliff-Warren County
By a Youth:
  • Kayleb Goodrich-Warren County
Close competition in the Woman and Youth divisions made for an interesting afternoon. They each felt bad that the winners may take away a prize from the other. As it worked out Jesse Durling came in second in the Womanís division, but, she ended up winning the Bow Division. Alex Lempka won the youth division, but, came in third over-all in the Gun division, leaving the youth spot open for Kayleb Goodrich. We had fun giving them the business about beating each other and look forward to them continuing to be good representatives of our sport.

Special thanks to: Johnís Outdoor Sports, MDM Muzzleloaders, Crossroads Country Store,
Bobís Custom Guns, Bobís Bait, Saratoga Tackle and Waterhouse Restaurant, www.ADKHunter.com.

2011-12 NY Whitetail Classic Photos
Alex Lempka (3rd place gun winner) on left
with Kayleb Goodrich (youth winner).

NY Whitetail Classic First Place Winner 2012
Tim Fowler with his 1st place buck
Second Place Winner in Big Buck Contest
2010-11 1st place winner, Brian Aiken,
took 2nd place this season.
Jess Durling won the archery category
Classic Racks
Some fine racks and prizes on display at the
annual scoring session.
Tony's Big Buck 2011
NY Whitetail Classic Chairman Tony McCutcheon
took his biggest Adirondack buck during the
2011 Northern Zone rifle season.
11-year-old Dawson DeLisle of Corinth hopes to
shoot a big buck like this some day....
Cliff Moses
...while 90-year-old Cliff Moses of Lake Luzerne has two
Adirondack bucks in the NYS Big Buck Club's record book.

We'll see you next hunting season!!!



  • Bobís Custom Guns 518-798-3566 (Queensbury)
  • Johnís Outdoor Sports 518-798-0423 (Queensbury)
  • Bowhunters Plus 518-843-5500 (Amsterdam)
  • Crossroads Outdoors 518-494-3821 (Chestertown)
  • Bobís Bait and Tackle 518-654-9391 (Corinth)
  • Saratoga Tackle & Archery 518-584-3952 (Saratoga Lake)
  • Waterhouse Restaurant 518-696-3115 (Lake Luzerne)

Brian Aiken's 2010 winner!


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Since 1991 the New York Whitetail Classic has been drawing attention to the quality and size of the deer we have here in the Adirondacks, even though it is open to bucks taken anywhere in our state, most come from the Adirondack and Hudson Valley region.  The Sportsman's Show has become the largest social event for hunters this region, with close to 3,000 attending the 2007 Sportsman's show. It gives us an opportunity to view some of the quality white-tailed deer taken each year and enjoy the fellowship of the sportsmen attending.

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